My Anything Journal

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I came to school and we were playing a game, me, Chris, Ingrid, Heather and Sheron. We would tag them and say you got it. I forgot what it was called that they got. It was fun.


I went to school and the teacher said that the kids from other schools were coming. I coun't belive it so I went on with my work. When I got to school I didn't know what we were going to do tomarrow. Then while I was doing my work the teacher said something but I didn't hear it. She said what we were doing tomarrow. Someone asked her what we were going tomarrow. Then she said we're doing Writers Workshop. I was sick of it but I didn't care.


I started to walk to school. When I got there, I came in and thier was nobody there. I heard someone running down the hall. I knew it was Bill. He came in and said, "What a nice group of people." I told him to say pair. He started laughing for know reason. And know I'm just finishing this story.


I came into school and I saw Cory broke his wrist. I already knew because he came to our baseball game. I feel sorry for him.